When the wine is right!

I was taking a look at my wine stock and was thinking about how some of the wine that I have hold a special meaning to me and then I started to wonder when would be the right time to drink the wine.  Is there really any right time to drink wine?  Wine is meant to be drank, enjoyed and savored, not stored and left on a shelf.  The beauty of wine is that you can drink it at any time and it makes every moment special, no matter what the circumstance may be. Wine that has been given as a gift  should be shared with the giver, so that the moment can be shared and appreciated by each other.

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Wine Italian Family Style!

My husband and I visited this quaint little winery in the industrial district of Woodinville.  Facelli Winery has been owned and operated by the Facelli Family since 1988, sourcing grapes from the finest Washington vineyards.  Lou Facelli, wine maker, has achieved a true Italian family feel with a very warm welcoming atmosphere in his winery. From the moment we stepped through the door we were showered with that customary Italian love.  Wine is truly about being with family and creating an environment that invokes love and laughter.

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The Happy Wine!

What can I say about a man that can take a very traditional old world taste and bring it to the new world with a flare.  Brian Carter, wine maker and operator of Brian Carter Cellars has done just that.  His European blends are magnificent and he has been able to bring Washington state a taste of the old style by using grapes from our own beautiful local vineyards.  When Mike and I visited Brian Carter we were amongst people from Switzerland, a group from Scotland, a few out of staters and I remember labeling this winery as the “Happy Wine”.  We were there on a Tuesday(casual Tuesday as stated) and the atmosphere was electric.  Carol, the tasting room hostess is a wonderful ambassador for the winery who is very passionate about wine and although she had a room full of people she was able to make us feel like we were the only ones there and I might add that they are very industry friendly. I was very impressed since I am in the customer service industry and I know how hard that is to achieve.

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Restaurant visit

I just wanted to make a little blurb about the restaurant that my husband and I visited while we were in Portland. Clarklewis is a little place tucked into the industrial district of Portland, Oregon that serves a very eclectic Pacific Northwest type menu. It really says a lot about a restaurant when they support their local wine industry, plus local fresh farmed ingredients and are able to do so while maintaining reasonable prices. We were really impressed with their Oregon State wine selections and how the server presented them to us when we asked her about them.  The food was delicious, the dessert was phenomenal, and our wine selection went well with everything.  The staff was very accommodating to my needs, being that I was on a scooter due to my surgery, and very attentive.  I look forward to visiting Clarklewis when we go down for the Thanksgiving holiday.